Wait, contact “who” again?

The cutest drawing of me I had around my PCHey there! My name is Maxi or Sandra Molina Juan, also known as SandraMJ or SandraMJdev on the internet.

I’m a 25-year-old non-binary Spanish Art Director, Voice Director, 2D Artist, translator, writer and generally a person wearing too many hats…

all of which I’ve used to make The Hayseed Knight as a solo dev over the last four years!

I’m currently working full time on The Hayseed Knight, doing Art Direction for Rho Labyrinths on Mars Vice, and directing voice actors for several indie studios. Before that, I used to work as a freelance colorist for several companies such as Blizzard, DC comics and Dark Horse among others.

If you were smitten by my mad skills and would like me on your team, you can contact me through any of the means below!