The Hayseed Knight is a comic that follows the adventures of Ader, Sep, Eina and a bunch of other colorful characters, accompanying our deerest one-eyed country bumpkin in a quest to become a knight! Mostly. Sometimes.

Spoiler: he gets sidetracked.

The Hayseed Knight started out in August 2016 as a novel which, after eight months of rewrites and over 600 pages worth of content written and scrapped and written and scrapped ad infinitum, proved to be an entirely too restrictive media for the love I have for my characters! Cue April 2017, when I decided to start posting some of the silly comics I’d drawn about them on twitter… and your overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to Ader and company’s antics (and good looks, ahem) made this a thing!


It’s-a me, uh… I’ve got a bunch of names. SandraMJ, SandraMJdev, aaaand that’s it. No, wait! Sandra Molina Juan. That’s my actual name. “Molina” and “Juan” are both my surnames, it’s a Spanish thing. I hail from a small town in Alicante, now living in the city, so Ader’s bumpkiness is pretty biographical. Oops?

I’m 22 and I’m a freelance colorist who’s worked for several companies such as Blizzard, DC comics, Dark Horse and Valiant among others, starting when I was 17. I’m also an amateur digital painter and illustrator; a writer sometimes; a wannabe actress and VA whose English pronunciation is questionable at best. I love singing, playing my uke andddd…

And hunks. I love hunks, if you couldn’t tell.

I’ve been doing webcomics for quite a while now, the most recent one being Prozaic. An earlier attempt includes Rankor Chronicles and a nonsequitur of abandoned stories which I could barely call sequential art in good conscience :>

Yes, I’m a furry. No, I don’t really have a fursona, I don’t feel identified with them as much as I’ve tried. My characters all have parts of me, so that’s the closest it gets!

If you’ve got any more questions hit me up on twitter, I love greeting readers!