Ader-sind “Ader” son of the Upperfield

Ader’s a bumpkin with a long name who moved from his tiny village, Ravine o’ Olus, in the south west limits of the steppes to Eyrlum with a single objective in mind: becoming a knight.
…But he’s a peasant, and pretty damn poor at that. Ah, well. That’s not going to stop him.
Though sweet and caring, Ader’s often simple in his assumptions, which makes him look dumb in the eyes of others. He was raised with a very “black or white” mentality, and he still struggles to cope with his new reality as a shining beam of helpfulness and joy among some of the most questionable denizens of the city.

Likes: compliments, warm stew, JUSTICE!

Hates: any comment directly or indirectly related to his horn size.












Eina is quite simple. Simple, not in the sense of being simple minded, no. She just has a laser guided focus in life: staying close to Ader. Why? Who knows! It’s not like she could just tell him!
Her father, The Merchant, took great care in teaching her to write and read, but she just doesn’t seem to want to communicate.
Mute, morose, and violent, the albino smith with lettuce hair is the source of a thousand gossips wherever she goes, but that’s not gonna stop her from being weird.















Sep (aka Jasif)

A gazelle like no other you’d find in Eyrlum, or maybe in the whole of Acazhor… and that’s not really a good thing.
Sep is, to put it nicely, capricious. There’s no better way to spend time for her than making men, deer men, fall at her feet, and she’s not lacking resources for that, either; after all, despite the stigma associated with gazelles, she IS the most requested girl at The Desert Rose, (the fanciest brot— err, entertainment center in Eyrlum) which, paired with her unending arrogance, earned her the title “Jasif” among her coworkers.