Secondary Characters

Gyof son of Igai “Honeyed Voice”

Voiced by: Joe Goffeney

Gyof is —as he will make sure to tell you at some point or another, be it relevant or not— the son of Igai, a famous troubadour that wandered through Acazhor playing in the most important palaces. All that Igai left for Gyof was his voice and his debts, however.

He claims to be Ader’s only friend and supporter in his quest to become a knight… a claim that is questionable at best and dubious at most.

Bad at drinking, bad at playing, a bad influence and a bad friend. But hey, he lets Ader live for free with him in his old run down house in Slander District.

Ilegrab Buntalos

Voiced by: Travis Lindsey

Ilegrab is a deer… tree… tree deer of jovial disposition and a voice powerful like no other. He’s kind of a celebrity, the giant who is always patrolling around the city, ready to speak to nobles and peasants without any distinction.

Everyone knows that he’s tremendously important, but no one’s really sure of what his actual job is. After all, “Peacemaker” is as ambiguous of a job description as it gets.

He’s an old… friend…? of Pertok. Seems to have a soft spot for Ader’s antics.


Voiced by: Travis Lindsey

Angry old man, won’t stop yelling. He refuses to die in pyres organized by huge mobs too. The nerve.

Ader keeps calling him “Patron” though the forge where he works belongs ostensibly to Eina.

Widely known as a Sefí. Wholy deserved fame, though one has to wonder whether there’s truly a single drop of Hatza left in his angry old bones


Voiced by: Anjali Kunapaneni

If you could give shape to the very concept of anxiety, you would probably get something very close to this small goat born far beyond the Spine of Ahimaí, where only giants and outcasts live year round.

Djao is currently, technically, on an unwilling leave from her day job as a priestess. She’s doubling as a caravan guard for the sole purpose of completing a pilgrimage to the Temple of Hirub in Eyrlum.

Despite the Ibexes’ reputation as fearsome warriors, Djao would not consider herself mentally or physically prepared for her line of job by any measure or definition. She’s been riding on the edge of a heart attack for a few months now and it doesn’t seem like her blood pressure is coming down to safe levels any day soon.

These are just a few of the Secondary Characters! But the cast of The Hayseed Knight extends far beyond them! If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, make sure to check out the page for the Main Characters, the Antagonists and the Extras!