Whether they are full-blown villains or simply misunderstood do-gooders, these are a few of the characters that Ader and friends will cross paths with in the way to greatness!

Teylid the Treasurer

Voiced by: Ryan Hoyle

Teylid is a calm, coordial man. Never one to raise his voice, and never one to need so; his fame precedes him wherever he goes.

As polite as he is detached, Teylid is more a force of nature than an active menace. Harmless, as long as you don’t cross his path. That is to say, if you wouldn’t go outside during a storm and point a sword at the sky, you’d be wise to give the treasurer of Eyrlum’s Traders’ Guild a similar treatment.

Berbiz son of Zumar of Askedaz

Voiced by: Tim Lewis

A very, very strange buck, with a northern accent, an obsession for being right and blatant disregard for social norms, if not just common sense.

Lord Berbiz is—he believes—an ally of the common-folk. He is, in fact, rather convinced of this, in spite of his newly inherited status as lord of an old duchy and the extreme distaste his half-brother, Elbar, holds for the lot of them.

Elbar son of Zumar of Askedaz

Voiced by: Kameron Watson

Sir Askedaz is the Captain of the Guard, but most importantly: he is an idiot. Always one to yell, though he never has anything to say.

Of course, it’s not like he’s asking for attention because he feels insecure or anything! He simply cannot afford to let those lowly peasants forget who’s the actual legitimate and undoubtedly noble stag here.

Miss Rashel

Voiced by: Cassie Ewulu

What could I say about Rashel? Or rather, what could I say about the owner of The Desert Rose that wouldn’t have me writing all day, trying to make sense of this woman?

Rashel is, overall, a very pleasant doe to talk to, if you haven’t done anything to get on her bad side in the last ten days. It’s easy to tell she comes from greener pastures, where one does what has to be done, when it has to be done, and not a minute earlier.

And it’s not laziness, no. She’s just waiting for the perfect moment to smile and come in and do her thing and be gone, and you won’t be able to argue. For your sake, you’d better not even try, because you just WON’T win against her.

These are just a few of the Antagonists so far! Explore their relationship with the Main Characters in the game, or head on over to Secondary Characters and Extras if you want to find out more!