Main Characters

Though some are certainly more heroic than others, the story follows these three dofuses as they make their way into history!

Each chapter switches the POV between them!

Ader-sind “Ader” son of Gerfaz of the Upperfield

Voiced by: Stan ‘Stanpai’ Morris

One day, people will sing the tales of The Knight of the Upperfield! Ader-sind the Beastslayer! The bravest! The mightiest!

But it’ll be quite a while until then.

Ader “Longneck Shorthorns”, or Ader “Shovelhands”, sometimes Ader “Shoeface”, is just a bumpkin with a long name and longer hands who left his tiny village, Ravine a’Olus, to move to the great city of Eyrlum. No one quite knows why, but he arrived with a single objective in mind: becoming a knight.

…But he’s a peasant, and pretty damn poor at that. Ah, well. That’s not going to stop him, is it?

Well, it kinda is. Dreams aren’t edible, after all.

Ader’s not always the brightest tool in the shed, and he may scared even of his own shadow… but he tries. It doesn’t matter what or how, he’s surely trying.

Jasif… or Sep, perhaps

Voiced by: Melody Muze

A well-off lass who claims to be a forgotten acquaintance of Ader’s. Seems to have a bit of trouble grasping concepts such as “personal space” or perhaps more specifically “stabbing distance,” given her apparent inclination for hiding in the slums.

Jasif talks, walks and acts like there was a single star in the sky and it was her; much like the Sun, however, no matter how much you want to stare at her, you’re better off enjoying her beauty a few planets’ distance away… where you can’t hear her chuckling at you.


Voiced by: Sandra “Maxi” Molina

Eina is quite simple. Simple, not in the sense of being simple minded, no. She just has her own priorities in life. Communicating is not one of them.

Her father, Pertok, took great care in teaching her to write and read, but she prefers to spend her time doing more practical stuff. Such as smashing things in her forge. Or faces.

These are just the main trio of protagonists you’ll be playing as! The cast extends far beyond the Main Characters, so head on over to Secondary Characters, Antagonists and Extras if you want to find out more!