Visual Novel progress

So for the sake of updating the site a little and keeping you all informed, here’s a report on the assets for the showcase of the first day of gameplay (a very long day, introducing every mechanic).



Look at those assets! I-I mean, actual assets.

Look at those assets! I-I mean, actual assets.

Look at those assets


  • Ader – 9 expressions, number to be increased. His expressions are made up of a single layer .png, so they need to be converted into sprites
  • Eina — 14 expressions, separated as sprites
  • Sep  — her file’s a mess since she was the first so I’m gonna have to edit a huge chunk of it. Single layer .png’s to be converted into sprites, extra outfits necessary
  • Gyof – 70% done
  • The Merchant – B&W stage
  • Ilegrab -B&W stage
  • Several extras yet to be drawn at all


  • Two finished pieces, slums and bazaar. About 50% done


  • Textbox completed
  • Namebox completed — some issues with aligning the text
  • Clock -not yet started
  • Several menus and icons -pending on some coding issues




  • Wiki to explain certain parts of the lore, keeping a record of characters and several notes -not yet started
  • Coding a CG album of sorts -not yet started



Currently on hold since I have to finish the script for the first day, but here’s the cast as it stands right now!



I need to update this site more often, and finish writing about the lore and cast since it’s gonna be in the videogame anyway! Sorry for the radio silence, I’m a lot more active in my twitter account!

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